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Iripiri Design - Handmade Horse Saddles -Amsterdam

We make all our saddles by hand in our own upholstery shop. We have an extensive selection of fabrics that we use for the saddles.

We also make saddles in consultation on color and according to your wishes and taste.

Love, passion & craftsmanship

I'm Iris Wiegman, I've been connected to horses all my life and it's a big part of my life, my passion and my peace. I've always ridden bareback, this started out of necessity because I couldn't find a good saddle for one of my horses. Because of this I always rode with just a pad. Then I thought this could be done better, more beautiful and made more fun. 

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High-quality fabrics

Making a saddle is an art. The saddles are made with fabrics from different countries around the world. The materials and fabrics are selected with love and passion, making each saddle unique.

Come and visit us, get the feel of the texture and structure of the fabrics and the abundance of choices. Learn more about our selection, make an appointment. Or order directly online.